Monday, January 19, 2009

Jim Carrey's "Yes Man" a "No Go".

Jim Carrey's Yes Man caught my attention as a very funny and FINALLY PG-13 rated movie that I would like to go see. And to be completely and painfully honest, I laughed and laughed and really enjoyed it. HOWEVER....

This is NOT a movie for Children!!!

In saying that I do not personally believe that it should be rated PG-13. It was offensive to me and my Christian beliefs but more than that, it went WAY, WAY too far. I did not think that you could "drop the F-Bomb" in a PG-13 film so that came as a huge shock to me, but even worse that that and the quick "naked butt shot" of Jim Carrey's backside was the scene where they apparently thought it would be funny to have Jim Carrey receive a "blow job" from his elderly neighbor. I believe that to be having gone WAY too far.

But like I said, as an adult, I enjoyed it. However, owing to the fact that I do not wish those influences to be allowed into my mind, I would have avoided seeing it had I known.

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