Monday, May 18, 2009

Curb The Hunger Naturally

The fastest cure for any diet is hunger. I don't care what kind of diet you are on, whether it be diabetic, weight loss or gluten free, as soon as you start to feel like you are starving your natural instincts to feed yourself kick in and your self control goes out the window!

So how in the world are you supposed to lose weight if you are hungry all the time? You have to find the right appetite suppressant. You can try drugs or you can go natural. Try some of these on for size: Dark Chocolate has been shown to curb cravings, suppress appetite and increase happiness! Apples, Probably the #1 best appetite suppressant. Celery has long been known to burn more calories eating it than it actually has. Oatmeal is high in carbohydrates, which are burned slowly as energy, you will feel fuller longer and the fiber helps it to last even longer. Flax Seeds are high in omega-3's and fiber and you wont even notice them in your breads, oatmeal, yogurt and trail mix.

So take the drugs out of your diet and add some of these healthy and delicious alternatives to your weight loss routine.

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