Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Friend Has Gone

I had great plans for this summer. I am still working, but my kids are home. Ladybug is old enough now to "babysit" so Big C can take some time to spend with his buddies. I bought them all season passes to Lagoon so they can spend time there with their friends as well. However, Big C's best friend and his most likely candidate to spend the summer at Lagoon with, is also the son of my best friend.

About a month ago, her oldest son decided to further his relationship with his girlfriend and she is moving in with him. Which of course means that Mom and Little Bro need to move out. About the same time, she realized that her parents and sister really need her help. Her parents are getting older and her sister has had brain surgery and suffers from seizures and yet cannot get her social security disability benefits and struggles to support herself and her beautiful children. So my friend is moving in with her parents to help them out and to be closer to her sister. The problem.... They live in South Carolina! Talk about a ways away!

So she left this morning and I am going to miss her terribly, my son is going to miss her boy terribly and she is going to miss Utah terribly. Hopefully, she can talk Utah up enough to make her parents, sister and brothers decided that they need to move here too. One can always hope!

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