Thursday, September 4, 2008


I have had it with credit companies! Don't they have any sense of compassion? Empathy? Human nature at all? Or is money really all they care about?!? Never mind, I already know the answer to that question. Luckily for me, I carry nothing shy of my house and vehicle on credit. Everything else is cash or nothing! But for the poor, unspecting people that get themselves wound up into the alure of credit cards, there is no help. No escape! First they loan you exorbident amounts of money and make it seem as though it will be so easy to pay it back, then they start. The bills come and you find out that you have way more debt than you can handle and start worrying, then you miss a payment and they add on extra fees, outrageous fees, so you have no possible chance of ever getting caught up. Then come the heartless debt collection agencies that call and call and call some more, upwards of 10 or more times a day I have seen. They are ruthless. Finally when you can not handle it anymore, they finally get around to doing something, usually reposessing the stereo, car or computer you bought, sell it at market value, and cancel your debt or worse, force you into bankruptcy which WAY too many Utahns are currently facing. Yet here we all sit, waiting for the federal government to step in and impose laws to make it easier on debtors. But why doesn't Utah take a bigger stand? Why don't we implement the rules to protect our state from bankruptcy disaster? I think that creditors should be held just as responsible for bankruptcies as the debtor. They are just completely heartless!

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