Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scary Economy

I can't believe the downturn our economy has taken! It all started with banks/credit card companies giving outrageous loans to people who could not afford them. Then when they were foreclosed on, the banks/credit card companies started struggling and jobs get lost. With the jobs lost, money gets tight and the economy gets worse. Then the smart people, the ones that took out reasonable loans for modest houses, begin to feel the strain. Then more jobs are lost and the unemployment rate hits the highest we have ever seen. Less and less money gets spent and more and more jobs are lost and suddenly the smart people are becoming less and less able to make the day to day bills like their mortgages and their auto insurance, they are struggling to pay for food and gas, they are losing their jobs and having trouble finding new ones. And yet the US government has decided to bailout the Banks/Credit Card Companies that caused all of this, to the tune of 700 BILLION dollars! And yet, those that are being affected, those that were smart and yet are paying the price, are the ones that are being left out, left to flounder and fend for themselves. Does this sound right to you?

And the worst part is these banks/credit card companies and other "big businesses" are having to "lay off" their corporate CEO's and other big wigs with pensions that most of us would have to work a lifetime or more to earn!

So now, here's my solution.... Let those that made bad business decisions go bankrupt (natural consequences, after all!) and take that 700 Billion dollar bailout, pay off the national debt and let the hard working Americans do what we always do, work hard and look towards a better future with lower taxes and less idiots to bailout!

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