Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Education in Education

For any mother, getting an education is tough, but necessary. And what better field to get your degree in than education? Your children will need you to have that information when they bring home their homework and if you end up needing to work, what better place than in your own child's school?

That being said, I have spent some time recently looking into getting a degree in Elementary Education. I have always thought that being a teacher would be great and I love education and children. However, I have never liked the system. I'm not sure that getting into the middle of it would be the best idea.

I found St. Xavier online university that looks like it would be a great option for anyone that is looking at getting their MS Instruction from home. They offer a masters program in curriculum and instruction that could help you further your career in education even. They offer key components such as a focus on literacy, diversity, integration of technology and an interdisciplinary perspective in education. This course examines integration of the theories of curriculum and instruction, learning, growth and development, the implementation of technology and research, and the application of assessment into the practice of developing and delivering an effective curriculum for K-12 classrooms, college, and other educational arena. All of which are great in a classroom and even better in your home. Not to mention, they are accredited so your degree will be recognized.

They offer flexible schedules to work around your busy lifestyle. So really there is no good reason not to get your degree.

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