Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Cell Phones

Here's a tip for anyone out there that didn't already know (i.e. people like me), if you have had your phone for over a year and are ready to replace it, Call Your Provider.

I found out that most companies offer upgrade services for their customers. I found this out when my husbands cell phone started having troubles. I'm not exactly sure what the problem was, if his phone could not make a connection with the cell tower or the satellite or whatever, but for some reason it would only send/receive calls and texts about 50% of the time. So after many lengthy calls to AT&T, being lied to about the length of the warranty and finally finding out that he was under warranty when I started dealing with this whole mess but is now not under warranty any longer. A very nice gentleman at AT&T informed me that he was eligible for an upgrade meaning that he could get a new phone at little or no charge by just extending our contract out another 2 years. Not a bad deal. (especially since he waived all the fees associated with it due to the warranty situation!).

So for those of you wishing to update your old phone, call your service provider and see if they have an upgrade plan available to you.

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