Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Return From The Road

Just a helpful side note from my last post... when my friend found it time to return West to be with her Grandchildren, she also found it difficult to move a decades worth of stuff, gathered over time and needing to me moved quickly.

She spent alot of time looking into different options from U-haul to long distance moving companies. She found that the best option for her was moving pods. As strange as it sounds, moving pods are nothing more than steel boxes delivered to your driveway, into which you move your belongings at which point the company picks them up, tosses them on to the cars of a train and delivers them to a location near your new home.

She found that moving pods are an inexpensive and quick way to move your belongins long distances. No on the other hand if most of your belongings are antique and/or high value pieces, I would highly suggest you take the route of hiring a long distance moving company as they are licenses and insured to protect your valuable items.

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Catlin said...

Portable moving pods are such a great option! They are so much cheaper than traditional moving vans because you don't have to hire the labor. Some great companies that i know of are Smartbox and Door to Door. They both have great pricing and lots of options to tailor fit to your move. I will defiantly use these guys for my next move coming up soon!!!