Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hit The Road

My friend, mother of 5 and avid homeschooler decided one day that it was time to go. Her kids had lived in Utah long enough and needed to see more. So she sold her home, found a used rv for sale, packed it up and hit the open road. She eventually settled in South Carolina where her family lived. She spent a good amount of time there before heading back this way to be with her oldest son and grandchildren.

Now my point in telling you this story is not to suggest that you dump your house and savings into buying an RV and heading out, but rather to suggest that you get out more. See more of what our beautiful country has to offer. We have Vermont with gorgeous leaves in autumn. There are the redwood forests and theme parks of California, the white sand beaches and exotic landscape of Hawaii and the history rich area of Washington DC, Virginia and Pensylvania. Then there are the 7 National parks right in our own backyard. Zion, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef and Canyonlands, All right here in Utah. Then There is Yellowstone and Grand Teton right next door. These are easily weekend trips and just as inexpensive as it comes when you go treking in an RV.

Rv's offer you the convience of taking your home with you. No need to eat out or pay for expensve hotel rooms. The biggest expense is the RV itself and the gas required to get it there. Way less than the cost of a single airline ticket!

But even if you go by car and stay in a nice hotel, just go! Take advantage of all God has given us to enjoy. Get out and Hit the Road!

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