Friday, August 6, 2010

Cyber Monday is coming...

Cyber Monday. The biggest internet sales day of the year. It's the day where people jump online to buy the electronics, special toys and other big ticket Christmas gifts that they didn't get on Black Friday.

Internet sales companies know that this is the day when frustrated customers, who ate themselves sick Thursday, only to find themselves standing in line way too early Friday morning to buy the latest and greatest electronics at door-buster prices and found they were beat to it by some maniacal woman who seemed to think she needed 17 52” flat screen televisions, turn to the online world for not as great, but will suffice deals to make sure that the Christmas tree is dwarfed by the large pile of boxes, brightly wrapped in foiled warping paper surrounding it.

Because of this knowledge, they are ready every Monday, following Thanksgiving, with decent sales and gimmicks to drive web traffic to their site. Not an easy task considering they only have 24 hours to move as much traffic as they can away from the billions and billions of other available sites out there. But they do it because they know that is where the money is. So, get your fingers ready, start your exercises now, because if you're not quick on the draw, that maniacal woman that beat you to the 52” flat screen televisions, will score herself another 20 Dell laptop computers that you have had your eye on!

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