Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love your job?

Just over a year ago, the economy caught up with me and I was laid off. At the time I was working for Continental Airlines as a reservations agent and I enjoyed my job. It was taxing at times, but the pay was good and the benefits were great! I was devastated when I found myself in the "layoff pool". The company had to downsize just as with most sales jobs have. But the funny part is, once I was no longer working, I realized just how stressful my job had been. I absolutely could not fathom working another phone sales job. I looked at getting back into school, finding a new career, one that I could enjoy.

But then, after 6 months of unemployment, I couldn't do it anymore. I needed to work and we needed the money. That's when the opportunity to apply for my current job came available. I knew I would get the job, how could I not? They were looking for phone sales agents in a travel industry capacity. I have well over 10 years experience in phone sales and 3 years in the airline industry. But I was hesitant, it was getting back into phone sales...

My first day on the job put all my apprehension to rest. This was nothing like airline reservations. The customers were friendly, the company small and the pay and benefits were great! I have been with this wonderful company for almost a year now and I cannot imagine working anywhere else!

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