Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lovin' Life!

I just have to say, right now I LOVE MY JOB! We are currently in our busy season and the commissions are amazing! My paycheck was the best yet. I had to go have a "me day". I went out to dinner with a dear friend and we talked and laughed all night. We went shopping at the mall and I found a darling sweater and 5 cute, cute shirts on sale and afterwards we went to Red Lobster for their chocolate wave cake. If you have not had it yet, boy are you missing out! It is to-die-for good!

At the moment I feel completely spoiled. My job offers me the best benefits anywhere (who else can you work for that gives you free vacations and pays you vacation pay while your gone?), pays me amazingly well and I actually enjoy getting up and going to most mornings! Man, I love my life!

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