Saturday, November 27, 2010

Essential Oils, Essential for skin care.

Essential oils have been a staple in personal care since biblical times and even with our "advances" in science and medicine, they should be an essential now. After all, in biblical times, they were living much, much longer than we are now, that body had to last! I wanted to share with you some of my favorite essential oils and their healing properties.

Tea Tree Oil: It is great for soothing blotchy skin and I have heard it works for Rosacea, although I have never tried it for that. Tea Tree oil makes a great cleanser with antibiotic properties. It will cleans your skin and kill the bacteria that causes blemishes.

Clary Sage: This is a new one to me, so take this advice with caution. I was told that Clary Sage mimics human hormones and can be converted into what ever your skin currently needs. Clary Sage would be helpful when hormone imbalances are a factor, as they are in teenagers and menopausal women.

Lemon: A kitchen favorite for disinfecting everything from the sink to the cutting board, Lemon essential oils are also great for clearing up your skin. One of the quickest acting acne treatment, a dab of Lemon oil on a blemish will clear it up almost overnight. But beware, the citric acid in Lemon oil will weaken your skin and make it more prone to damage, especially from the sun, for up to 72 hours after application. So remember your sunscreen!

Eucalyptus: With a wonderful calming scent, Eucalyptus oil works great as a cleanser, clearing away blackheads and blemishes and working to smooth the skin. Add a very small amount of spearmint for a firming effect and you have the perfect de-stress, before bed facial treatment.

Sandalwood: A light, semi-masculine scented oil has been around since ancient times as a healer and moisturizer. Sandalwood oil is perfect for smoothing out wrinkles, firming skin and softening scars.

Please remember to test your skin for allergies to any of these by first testing on a small, soft spot that is not always visible and as with anything you put on your face, keep it out of your eyes, nose and mouth, use small amounts and caution.

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