Friday, June 15, 2012

Football... Dance.... And So It Begins...

The school year winds down and Summer begins so benignly and then it hits! The Summer Boom, we call it. It's that time during Summer when the relaxation ends and EVERYTHING begins! It doesn't start slowly, it hits with the force of a 3000 pound truck. WHAM! It's time! You jump out of bed and hit the ground running from sun up to sun down, it's football practice, dance practice, soccer and skating lessons. It's country fair days, family reunions, girl scout camp-outs and holiday picnics. And somewhere between the madness of creating and baking the next to-die-for summertime potluck surprise, driving your kid to football practice and wondering why you didn't just make him play the clarinet, you realize that half the summer has slipped away. A little later, while enjoying one of those sweet moments of relaxation after mowing the lawn but just before you start weeding the garden, you look around and realize that school will be starting soon. You have spent your entire summer running, baking, cleaning cooking and weeding and you realize that you have missed out. Well, not this year. This year I want you to remember to stop.... take a minute to enjoy a sweet lemonade while sitting on our back porch and watching your kids play in the sprinklers. Believe it or not, your family reunion will survive if you just bring chips this year and your kids will survive if the house is not immediately picked up. After all, between football, dance, soccer, camp and skating... they wont be around anyway. Enjoy your summer... it only lasts just three short months!

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