Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hannah Montana Memorabilia

When I think of the word memorabilia, I generally think of sports memorabilia. You know, bobble heads, baseball cards, collectible jerseys. All things that my family really isn't interested in. But I found a site that specializes in memorabilia of all kinds. Sport, Movie, Television and for my family...Music! They have amazing choices from Hannah Montana to High School Musical. My kids would especially this Hannah Montana set.

On the movie side, I would love the Pirates of the Caribbean or Harry Potter sets myself--or even the Bourne Identity! I just find it amazing that all of these priceless items are available at very reasonable prices.

I would really want somewhere special in the house to showcase a beautiful piece like this, somewhere where the kids can't get to it and destroy it! Once I find that space--I will have to do some shopping. There is even a really amazing "Peanuts" set if you love the classic cartoon. I have a friend who has decorated her entire house in Snoopy stuff. From kitchen canisters to bedding. She's definitely going to want to see this for herself, because it would be perfect in her home theater in the basement!

If you are a fan of movies, sports, music or really anything--check out this site--they are bound to have something of interest to you!

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