Friday, December 21, 2007

Quick Last Minute Neighbor Gift

You'll need Oatmeal, Christmas Glitter, baggies and ribbon.

Fill each baggie with 1/8 cup oatmeal and 1 teaspoon glitter. Attach the cute little tags with curling ribbon and curl. Hand these out on Christmas Eve.

Remember to save one for your own little ones!

This has been a great activity for my family. We all gather at the kitchen table and each child has a job from the oldest to the youngest. My youngest will hold the bag open while the next in line adds the glitter, the next will add the oatmeal, the next punches the holes and cuts the ribbon and the oldest ties on the tags. We have hot cocoa and cookies, play Christmas carols and make a wonderful night of it. The kids look forward to it every year.

Then on Christmas Eve, as we are out and about heading to wherever we are going, the kids each get the opportunity to run up to the homes of our neighbors and friends and hand them the Magic Reindeer Food. They always know that we will have one left over for ourselves. Then just before bedtime on Christmas Eve, they run outside to find the perfect place to sprinkle the food. We sprinkle it on the lawn (snow), and head back inside for hot cocoa, cookies, bedtime stories and prayer before they are tucked snuggled into their beds.

I Love Christmas!

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