Monday, December 10, 2007

Kindergarten Math Box

My youngest son's kindergarten teacher sent him home with a Math Box, just for him, and for him to keep, and she sends home daily activities for him to do with it. It is absolutely wonderful for him, more of a game than learning, yet he learns SO much from it. It has been so great for him that I wanted to share it with you.

Folder for Activity Sheets
Chalkboard and Chalk
Attribute Shapes
Number Cards
Dot Cards
5 Paper Clips
25 Colored Toothpicks
25 Miscellaneous Buttons
4 Small Paper Plates
Red, White and Black Beans
Math Journal
Pattern Block Shapes
Adding Machine Tape
2 Tangrams (different colors)
10 Pipe Cleaners
5 Straws
1 Hanger
5 Clothes Pins
2 Dice
Pad of Sticky Notes

Put the loose items such as the beans, toothpicks and buttons in plastic baggies.

I will add daily activities to keep your child entertained and learning. Keep checking back for new activities and printouts.

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