Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vogue Magazine

I just wanted to throw this out there. I am not a huge magazine reader and especially not a fashion magazine reader. If I have any magazines come to my home they are magazines like Sunset or Country Living. So I was shocked when I picked up a copy of Vogue at the airport.

I was excited about it because it was in German and I thought that my son would be excited to see it. However, as I was showing my husband the pages and how it was printed in German, being the wonderful Man that he is, he noticed not the words or the language at all. No, his attention was drawn immediately to the pictures of naked women that I had neglected to notice at all! Which just goes to show you the difference in a Man and a Woman!

However, upon noticing that, I started flipping through the rest of the magazine and it resembles a playboy magazine more closely than it does a fashion magazine. I was shocked and very disappointed! Not only can I not give this little treasure to my son to take to his German class, but it is also something that I will never, ever purchase. What a disappointment!

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