Sunday, March 29, 2009

Making Your Money Stretch

With the economy in a downward spiral and no blue sky in site, we, as mothers, are having to stretch every dollar farther than ever before. Every time you seem to get everything in order, the washing machine breaks or the bearings go out in your van. Repairs are costly and you find yourself trying to determine if you are going to make the repairs or buy food.

For most people, that is not an easy situation. But in Utah, a big thing is food storage. It is part of an LDS prophesy, that there will come a time that God will destroy all crops from the earth just before the resurrection. The LDS have been warned to be faithful and keep one years supply of food on hand.

While this is great in a disaster, it is also a good rule of thumb for anyone and everyone. Religious or not. Whether you believe that the earth will be void of all food or not, keeping a 1 year supply of food on hand is a smart idea. If you are laid off from work, injured and not able to work or just short on cash one month, what ever the situation, you will not have to worry about food. You will have enough food to sustain you for a full year and you can focus on other pressing issues, like car payments and mortgages.

So here is my "Making Your Money Stretch" tip for the day....

LDS or not, religious or not, make a wise decision for your family, protect them from whatever the future might hold and make sure that they will always be fed. Get a minimum of 1 years worth of food and keep it stored in your home at all times. Use it when you need it and cycle through it regularly when you don't. It will lighten up the stress on any economic hardtime you find yourself facing.

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