Thursday, March 12, 2009

Peace at Home

Love at Home is directly related to Peace at Home. Keeping the peace at home can be difficult but one thing that I have noticed is that the noise level in the house will directly affect the level of peace and comfort in the home. As the television get turned up louder or the radio gets louder, the children get louder, the pets get louder and then the parents get louder and the home becomes a place of Chaos rather than Peace.

Here are some ideas to lower the Chaos and increase the Peace:

1. Have designated areas. If your TV room is also the children's playroom, you have no choice but to turn up the tube to hear over the children's laughter. The result will be arguments over the noise level. Rectify this problem by making sure that the children have a place to play, laugh and giggle without having to worry about bothering Dad or Sis. And have the television room in a seperate area where the volume can be kept down without having to compete with happy children sounds.

2. Try to train your pets. Pets in homes make for happy memories, if they are well trained! Pets with behavior issues cause nothing but stress. Torn up furniture, constant barking and/or smelly messes are all things to send anyone running and pulling their hair out.

3. Put a damper on the sound. Noise is bad enough in a home with carpeting, but if you have wood or tile floors, you know how little sounds can be amplified many, many times. The easiest way to solve this problem is to add area rugs to warm the area and dampen the echoing noise.

4. Teach everyone to speak softly. If everyone learns to speak softly then the whole home will feel more comfortable and you will always have Peace at Home.

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