Monday, November 9, 2009

The Bridal Shower

Seldom do I walk into a house and find myself spell bound. Saturday was the exception. Now, most houses I visit are beautiful, exqusite even gorgeous, this one can only be described as spell binding. It was huge from the oversized wood and glass entry doors to the modern furniture, to the custom made, dark mahogany entertainment center and matching round dining table that expanded to seat up to 26.

The baby grand in the entryway happened to be a player piano that emited the most beautiful tones, filling the room with a glow of it's own. The fireplace was floor to ceiling rock with the opening being at least 6 feet under the easily 20' high ceilings. Even the furniture was oversized, but then it had to be not to be dwarfed by the size of the room.

The kitchen hosted a full granite counter and center bar with sinks in three places. The stainless steel fridge was flush mounted into the wall and featured two full size doors and the dual cooktops and matching built-in, head heighth stoves gave the impression of a grand catering company.

Upstairs featured a master bath, complete with jetted tub, flat screen LCD television and his and hers walk-in closets. Multiple other bedrooms littered the second level, but the kicker here was a 90 ft by 20 ft room, simply for the childrens playthings. There was a pool/pingpong/foosball table in one end and anothe LCD flatscree in the other surrounded by a wooden play kitchen, pint sized recliner chairs and a myriad of toys. One the return to the main level one had to walk along what can only be described as a catwalk type hallway, fully carpeted with beautiful, ornate railings, that opened to full view of the main level sitting area. The basement was unaccessable to us as it was a 3000 sq. ft. appartment for the lady of the houses' daughter.

The grounds, from what I saw of them were spectacular and the home itself is just about everything I could ever want in a home. As a side note, the lady of the house has 6 children of her own, married her husband who brought with him 4 children and they adopted 6 more for a total of 16 children who are now all grown and married with children of their own. 27 Grand children to be exact. So family get togethers are seldom small and the expansive room is necessary to accomodate everyone. All I can say is I wish I had her Husband's job!

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