Sunday, January 17, 2010

Have you ever heard of Destin Florida?

I have traveled many places and been to many, many cities. Destin Florida however, is one I had never heard of. Recently, I was reading about top destinations in the United States for Scuba, Fishing, Beaches and Relaxing. Destin Florida came up as one of the top destinations. Having never heard of the place, I decided to do some digging. Here's what I found:

There are beachfront destin florida hotels that offer breathtaking views, emerald waters and untouched natural beauty in a relaxing environment.

In October, they have their annual Seafood Festival to kick off their annual Fishing Rodeo ( I have never heard of such a thing!).

They have the state's largest charter fishing fleet and the the nation's largest designer outlet center according to their Visitors Information.

Sounds to me like I need to take a trip to Destin Florida and see how this new (to me) destination, stands up to some of the amazing places I have already been.

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