Wednesday, January 13, 2010

San Diego Area Hotel

This last week I had the opportunity to visit the San Diego area on a business trip. Part of the purpose of that trip was to site hotels. Over the duration of the trip we saw a combimed 70 hotels in the San Diego/Anaheim areas. But one in particular stuck out in my mind.

It could have been the beautiful bathroom faucet and vanity area, it could have been the sharp black and white color scheme. Most likely however, it was the historic value of the property. It is on the National Historic Register of Hotels so they have to have a certain amount of nostalgia in the hotel. They pull it off beautifull with light sconces lining the hallway walls, decorated with sepia toned pictures of the hotel and surrounding area, as it used to be.

The hotel itself is beautifully and timelessly decorated with black furniture and contrasting white bedding packages, giving the historic hotel a very modern appeal. The rooms are spacious enough and yet perfectly cozy for a couples retreat.

They are situated in the heart of San Diego city, giving you the impression of a bustling metropolis, a stark contrast from your usual bay, beach and sand ideas of San Diego.

If you get a chance to take a trip to Disneyland this year, I would highly suggest taking a couple days and heading to San Diego. Take a trip to the World Famous San Diego Zoo, Sea World and spend some time on the beach. And if you are a History Fan, like me, make time to visit the USS Midway. It was commissioned 1 week after the end of World War II and stayed in commission until 1992 when it was decommissioned and later made into a floating museum.

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