Monday, February 1, 2010

Job Market Woes

Is the job market really that tight right now? I would have to say yes. I was laid off for the first time in my entire working career in July and I did not get back to work until December. A full 6 months without work. And I normally find work really easily!

Of course, I'm not typically doing a Construction job search in the middle of winter, but typically I can find a good paying job, quickly and easily.

My brother is the same way and yet, he has been out of work for nearly 9 months. So, unless you are content flipping burgers at McDonald, Yes, the job market is tight.

But the sun is on the horizon. It is getting better and as long as we can all ignore the dreadful, creator of bad news, "the media", and continue to live our lives, spend our money and do our part to strengthen the economy, then things will just get better and better.

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