Saturday, July 2, 2011

Family Camping: Activity Drawer

My kids are easily bored and when we are up camping, away from their regular activities such as sitting in front of the TV, surfing the internet or texting friends "K"' ":)" & "Hey", I need to have something to keep them busy. When they were little a pile of dirt and some hot wheels or the Tinker-Toy bucket did the trick. And while I do still have the Tinker-Toy bucket, it is just not as amazing to them as it once was. So I have dedicated a drawer in our camper, exclusivly to stuff that will keep them busy. Just some ideas of items you could include in your drawer (or when I am without my camper; rubbermaid shoebox) are: Markers (I use the non-washable kind because they are brighter, don't wash off rocks and my kids camping clothes are specifically chosen so that I do not have to care if they get destroyed.); Watercolor paints, which like markers, are great for coloring rocks and trees; Crayons, which come in handy for coloring of course, but also for making sun catchers and other fun melted wax creations, Scissors & glue; Pads of lined and unlined paper; decks of cards; dice (many, many fun games can be played with a set of 5 dice) and a couple of folder games.

The things that get used the most out of my drawer would be the card decks, dice; paper and markers. I will usually restock my drawer in late August or early September, when all the school supplies are on sale.

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