Friday, July 15, 2011

My Carpet, My Woes...

My poor carpet. I really feel the need to apologize to it. It started it's life more than ten years ago, brought into a home inhabited by two middle aged adults with grown children and two ankle bitter pups. It was in the prime of it's life. Then we moved in. At the time, we had a 5 year old little boy, two 2 year old girls and a brand new infant boy and a couple of cats. We have since added a beautiful little girl, numerous cats two dogs and our newest addition, Toby. The poor carpeting had no idea what it was in for.

So here we are 10 years, multiple cats, dogs, children, bathtub floods, sleeping bag and laundry basket rides and one hot wheel car wash later and my poor carpet has had it! Not even miracle carpet cleaning raleigh nc, can save my poor carpet! It's torn on a stair from the numerous days of being used as a slide, the seams have been pulled up and are now being used to conceal special treasures, such as the special Lego sword my youngest has commandeered from his father and does not want repossessed. (I should probably tell my husband where his Lego sword is before he loses his mind) And it has gone from a slightly tan colored cream carpeting to a dingy matted tan,brown, cream colored mess. I absolutely can not wait to get it replaced!

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