Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mary Kay: An Opportunity or a Scam?

I joined Mary Kay recently, mostly because I wanted the Timewise kit and it was less to buy the starter kit than the set itself cost. From that point on, I have been sckeptical of this so called "opportunity". First, they wanted me to stock my shelves, like a good retailer would. The problem with that is that in my current financial situation, it would take more than a couple of cash advances to make that happen. The next concern I had was the outrageous financial claims. $10,000 a month profit. Um hum... And then there was the products themselves. How good are they really? And do I even know enough to show them to other people? I hate wearing make-up and the whole wash, scrub, rinse, renew, moisturize, protect, repeat thing just took too much time for me. I was a jump in the shower, jump out and go kinda gal. If I don't use the products, why should anyone else?

But, I am a competitive kind of person and my director, unknowingly, issued me a challenge. She said, those of you who are sitting there thinking that this opportunity is not for you, your right. It's not. It was then that I decided to try. I was going to put effort into this and see what happened. I started going to the Unit Meetings, talking to my director often and following the plan, kind of. But here's the thing.... I started seeing results! Not the $10,000 per month results, but I was making some money. And for the first time, I started one of these "crazy schemes" and I actually paid off my starter kit. That's a big deal! I have never recouped my investment before!

Then I started to realize how much money I was losing by not having an inventory of products, ready to sell to my customers. They loved the products and they wanted them right now. Heck, I wanted them right now! So I took out a small loan, found out that my credit was all sorts of messed up from incorrect credit reporting, and I got my inventory order placed. Now just let me tell you how much fun it was to get that box in the mail! Ladybug and I ripped into it straight away!

And as for the claims, the large amounts of money, free cars, tons of prizes, well as I have attended our Unit Meetings, I have rubbed shoulders with car drivers (i.e. women who have earned a free car from Mary Kay and all they pay for is oil changes and gas), future directors and DIQ's (Directors in Qualification) who are making $1000's of dollars a month and Directors that make $5,000 per month, regularly. But then today, at another one of our meetings (I have more support in this opportunity than I have had in anything I have ever done), I met my National Sales Director, Tammy Crayck and she did something amazing. She copied her June 30th paycheck from Mary Kay and gave us all a copy. Suddenly I was convinced, there really was money to be made if I would just treat this as a business, myself as an executive and follow the plan. If you too are interested in finding out more about this almost unbelievable opportunity, or if you would just like a free facial, let me know and I would love to share this amazing opportunity with you in any way you are comfortable.

So, are you wondering just how much Mrs. Tammy's check was? $32447.54

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