Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Free Fire Safety Dinner

Now most people I know would love to have a Free dinner at an upscale restaurant such as Ruby River or Red Lobster. I know I can't pass it up!

Now here is the catch, you have to sit through a very informative and very worthy Fire Safety Seminar.

Really! That's all! It is a great seminar, and yes, their ultimate goal is to sell you some very expensive, albeit good, fire safety equipment. However, they will not attempt to sell you anything that night! I mean that in all seriousness. They give an amazing and eye-opening presentation on Fire Safety while you are eating your dinner and then they send around a small card. You write yes you would like them to come to your home at a later date, write the date and your name and address on the card and they show up to give you information on their Smoke Detectors and Fire Safety Equipment. Or, you write No on the card and hand it back. It's that simple. They really are the first no pressure sales company I have ever seen do this. I was totally impressed.

Now, if you are interested in attending their dinner and seminar, please e-mail me at with your name and e-mail address and I will e-mail you back with your choice of dates.

I would highly suggest this seminar for anyone with children at home. It truly is an eye-opener!


Anonymous said...

So how'd you go from savvy mom to setting up the dinner dates?

Anonymous said...

duh....she works for them!

Regine said...

We attended one last night and yes, it was very informative. In fact all the while we were sitting there I got worried I had left my dogs at home, inside so they could be warm thinking that if we have never experienced a fire and according to the presenter the average person will encounter a fire at least twice in their lifetime, I was living on borrowed time. I was not given the choice of whether or not I would like a follow-up visit, it was made almost mandatory that this gentleman would show up the next day. We tried to cancel the appointment as we had some unexpected event occur and were unable to reach the presenter. I hate wasting someone's time so if you know how to get a hold of them, could you please let me know? I don't like feeling strong-armed into decisions I am not ready to make even if it has to deal with safety. I have no way of paying for the devices your company offers at this time so would prefer not feeling bad about yet one more thing I can't do. Thank You!