Monday, November 5, 2007

Postal Rant!

Have you noticed how quickly postal rates are rising--and yet the mail man has less and less actual mail to deliver? Why is it that we are paying higher prices for stamps when 90% of the mail I get are from the area grocery stores, or credit card deals. I'm sorry--all of this 'junk mail' got a discounted rate at the post office because they mail in bulk, but because I need to send one birthday card to my nephew across the country--I have to pay full price? It just doesn't make any sense. Plus now, so many subdivisions are turning to the cbu mailboxes, which cuts the entire subdivisions mail into one communal set of boxes--so they work less, give discounts for bulk mailings--but our postage stamp rates rise month after month after month!

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tg1234 said...

Umm it's probably not that bad when you consider how much it would cost to fly or drive to the location yourself to deliver it right? We know gas prices rise and if there is less mail being sent out they have to charge more to make or bring in the amount of money they were making before. Does that make sense? But I totally understand how it is a lot and can add up really really fast when you have many things to mail. I am planning a baby shower soon and that will cost a lot to mail the invites out.