Saturday, November 10, 2007

Door Stop Buddies

I love this quick and inexpensive craft. It is easy enough to do with your children and makes a great gift for adults and children alike.

Finding inexpensive stuffed animals at this time of year is usually pretty easy. Dollar stores or discount outlets or discount stores like Big Lots and Wal-Mart are great places to look.

What you will need for one Door Stop Buddy:
Stuffed Animal
Rice, Sand, polyurethane pellets. (Some kind of material to create weight. A large rock works, but not as well. Also, if you choose to use sand, make sure you have a container to keep it contained. I will usually use rice or pellets.)
Needle and Thread
Seam Ripper will really help

What you are going to do:

Turn your stuffed animal upside down and find the seam in his little bottom. Using the seam ripper or any other method you would like, open the seam in his posterior. Fill a strong plastic bag with rice, sand or other weighting material. Take out just enough stuffing to make a hole that you can fill with your bag of weight. Stuff your weighting material into your buddy's behind and use some of the removed stuffing to pad around it. Stitch his little derriere back up and he is now weighted at his bottom which will cause him to sit upright. When you want your door to stay open just prop up your little Door Stop Buddy against the door and he will make a cute little addition to your room, watching over your door and holding it open for you.

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