Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Are Pills Really The Answer?

Every time I visit my doctor anymore she draws more blood. From the results of the blood works she prescribes me more pills. And more and more I am starting to wonder, it this really such a good idea? Should I not be trying to control my body with natural things, diet and exercise and such instead of chemically altered substances? Every day you see it, diet pills, thyroid pills, ED pils, they seem to have a pill for nearly everything! But is that really the best option? Are there ways to combat things without pills? I know I was able to. When they diagnosed me with Hypothyroidism and put me on pills, I started to do some research and found that the Iodine in salt is necessary for a healthy thyroid, however, too much can cause problems as well. I seriously slowed my salt intake and within the year my blood test came back normal again. I have been off the thyroid medicine for 5 years and every single blood test comes back normal. Could that work with other things? I would think so. Hopefully the industry starts to turn to more natural cures as opposed to chemically altering our bodies all the time.

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