Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dress Your Home in Fabrics

DIY home decorating is quickly becoming the norm in our beautiful state for many reasons. It's easy, any beginner can make a couple of throw pillows to accent her couch. It's cheap; compared to hiring a home decorator, DIY is pinching some serious pennies, but even compared to purchasing pre-made Window Treatments, Drapes, Valances, Swags, etc., you are still saving a bunch. You have options; stores just do not have the ability to carry every color and/or pattern or combination to make your home look just the way you want it. It's fun; especially with friends and family. I am sure most of you scrapbook or stamp or have some other gathering that includes getting together with family and friends to create your masterpieces. Home decorating can be just as much of a social gathering. Get your friends together and have a home redecorating at your place. Next month, her's! It's so much fun. Or if you prefer to work alone, it can be just as fun. Get our your needles and scissors, put on some good music and enjoy a fun and relaxing afternoon, turning your home into your home.

There are so many small things you can do to make a HUGE difference. Starting small will give you the confidence to tackle larger projects. Start with some throw pillows for your couch. Look around your living room. Is there a picture or a certain color that you would like to draw into your decorating? Personally, I have a curio cabinet with all my dolls and a light pink picture of dolls that was given to me years and years ago. The picture has always gone with my dolls, but it does not match my new living room. However, I was able to find a fabric that had the same pink from the picture and the brown and blue from my couch, a strange combination I agree, but once I made some throw pillows, it pulled the whole thing together seamlessly.

Valances and Swags are not my thing. I know you can do them yourself, but for me, I prefer to purchase them. However, I can still have control over the colors, patterns and textures but finding the right place. Fabric Workroom is a wonderful option to actually making your own. You have the ability to mix and match a myriad of designer fabrics, you can choose from classic styles or create your own custom window treatments. Their prices are affordable and their selection is great.

Other great DIY options are blankets and throws. They create a carefree, cozy, "this is my place" kind of feel to any room. Blankets and throws are so easy to make and can be done in an afternoon with minimal supplies. Tied fleece throws are great for kids rooms, dens or family rooms and fleece comes in many, many different colors and patterns. You can even find sports prints, animal prints or licensed character prints to match just about any decor. Light fabrics combined with a very thin batting can be quilted into a heirloom couch blanket in a matter of a day or two. With blankets and throws, the possibilities are endless.

I hope this gives you some inspiration and a desire to get out there and DIY! Turn your home into "your home".


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