Monday, August 18, 2008

College Road Trip

I am very excited to say that our family got the opportunity to rent College Road Trip from Red Box this weekend and we loved it. It was a geared to the older children and the younger ones lost interest pretty quickly, but with a mattress in the living room and a kitchen full of treats, they still enjoyed the evening.

The story line of the movie is an over protective father who's not so little girl getting ready to go to college in another state. He decided to take her on a road trip to "re-connect". Along the way he does every stupid thing imaginable to keep his daughter from "going away" to college. Along the way they do manage to reconnect while they get themselves in to alot of very funny mischief.

It really was a good family movie, possibly not for the younger kids, but for the older ones and Lee and I, we totally loved it!

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