Saturday, February 20, 2010

Natural Detoxification....

It is always important, especially in today's world of high calorie, high fat, high preservative foods, to help our bodies flush out all of the unnatural things we put into them. Your kidneys for example need lots and lots of water to flush out all of the chemicals and minerals that build up in them. Your colon, or large intestines, need regular treatment to flush the toxins they retain.

WebMD states, "The practice of natural colon cleanse dates back to ancient Greece. In the United States, cleansing the colon -- the large intestine -- became popular in the 1920s and 1930s. But when the theories behind it lost support, it fell out of favor. Recently, though, colon cleansing -- using, for example, teas, enzymes, or colon irrigation -- has experienced resurgence"

It is now highly believed that the toxins found in your body can cause all types of illnesses such as fatigue, exhaustion, naseaus, pain, cramping, headache and weight gain. One of the main theories behind detoxifying your body, dates back centuries to the belief that undigested foods, minerals and vitamins cause buildup in areas of the body. The buildup creates toxins that are then released back into the body and are rapidly absorbed into the blood by the very nature of where they are stored.

So I would think that a regular, natural detoxification of your body would be very beneficial to your overall health and well being. Natural detoxifications can be done many, many ways. Anything high in antioxidants like grape juice and green teas are a great way to help your body on a daily basis. And for those who are believers, many religions believe in fasting as a religious practice, however, God would never lead you astray! Fasting regularly is a wonderful way to give your body the chance to flush out all the toxins it's keeping. And a water flush is another great way to flush your body, especially your kidneys.

Take some time to find out which option or options would be best for you and try it. See if you can give yourself that boost you need.

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