Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why kids are better than 1 hour on the ellipticals...

Why having kids is better than spending an hour on the ellipticals...

#1 Laundry, Breakfast, Shopping, Cleaning, School Program, Dance Practice, Soccer Game, Football Practice and finally bedtime....

#2 "Why did you draw on the wall with permanent marker?!?" Scrub, scrub, up and down, up and down, scrub, scrub

#3 "You let the dog off it's chain?!?" "Here puppy, puppy. Here puppy, puppy" "No! Bad puppy! Don't run away from me!"

#4 "You had a crayon in the pocket of your jeans and I missed it?" Take the clothes out of the dryer, scrub, scrub, scrub.

#5 Kitchen cleaned, on to the livingroom. Livingroom cleaned, on to the..... What have you done to my clean kitchen!?!?

#6 Disneyland? Seriously?!? How about the beach instead?

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