Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stand by your man, Keep him healthy

Women, most of us take a daily multi vitamin of some kind. Some have calcium, some, like mine are stress relief assistance and some are a well rounded general health type. We know it's important to keep ourselves healthy and we know that most of the time we do not have the time or energy to eat what we need to to get those vitamins we need.

However, our men eat what we eat. So if we are not getting the proper nutrition, neither are our men! So how many of you bought a men's multivitamin for your sweetheart last time you were at the drugstore?

It's just as important for them to stay healthy and keep their energy up. After all, we need them! Who else would move the furniture for us to vacuum, kill the bug in the bathroom at 1am or knock out the wall when we get the wild idea to remodel. We need them to be healthy, and just like our children, they depend on us to keep them that way.

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