Sunday, November 21, 2010

Acai Berry Benefits or Scam?

You know I am a huge fan of natural remedies. I love what you can do for your body without the aid of chemicals and preservatives. I honestly believe that what we do to our food is killing us, creating disease, lowering our energy levels and generally desecrating our bodies. However, some companies will latch onto something that is pure and naturally healthful and "enhance" it. They will chemically alter it, add unhealthy preservatives and other things that can harm your body. Then they bill it under the natural name. The Acai Berry is no different. Watch out for acai scams, read the ingredients list and how it is processed. Heat treating anything, will almost always render it's antioxidants non-existant and breakdown all healthy properties it ever had. Adding chemicals or chemically altering a product, may make it perform better, but what is performing? The natural agent or the chemicals? What do you want in your body? Beware of products claiming to be natural remedies.

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