Monday, November 22, 2010

My babies are growing up...

Being a young mother tends to form a very strong bond between you and your newborn baby. Suddenly you can no longer be the child and you have to protect this helpless little, completely adorable phenomenon. That bond seems to last a very long time. Here I am, nearly 15 years later and my sweet angel baby is now an amazing young man. I get to watch him play football and I still get to wipe his tears, but only when girl troubles arise. Every day I am amazed at how grown up he is getting, but never so much as when I am buying him clothes. Gone are the days of shopping for darling little footie pajamas and striped and collard shirt sets. Now he wears men's clothing, huge shoes and fedora hats. He has his own, unique style and his clothes are expensive, but much nicer. He wants to look good, he wants to be in fashion, he wants his hair long and he wants me to be less involved. This makes me feel sad and proud, excited and weary. It's bitter sweet watching him grow, learn and become a man in his own right.

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