Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas' A'coming!: Getting Ready

If you do a little pre-planning, the holidays do not have to be as stressful as everyone makes them out to be. I am going to create a weekly list of ideas to help you get through the holidays with the least amount of stress possible.

Here goes the planning part:

1. Make a list of everyone that you need to buy for and assign them an amout that you are willing to spend on them. Remember to list office parties and family parties that include the "$5 gift clause". This will help you know how much money you will need and help you not to forget anyone.

2. Look for bargains and shop simply for friends and family. Gift Certificates really do make great gifts. Especially when paired with a nice fruit basket or bottle of sparkling cider. Look for discount coupon sites like, and

3. Thanksgiving is the next big holiday. Use it to feel out your family members. What are their hobbies, interests, even favorite color. This will help alot in the gift buying process.

4. Think personal. Most of the people on your list are people that care about you. Most people love getting pictures as Christmas gifts, especially grandparents, aunts and uncles. Get family pictures done now. Black Bird Photography still has openings, has great prices and offers a different kind of photography. This will definately not be your typical "everyone smile" kind of portrait.

5. Vacation. Think about giving the gift of a vacation this holiday. Heaven knows that you could use a few days to relax after everything is said and done. A San Diego vacation can be very inexpensive for families and offers you a Hawaiian vacation without the 6 hour flight. Call Stephanie @ Get Away Today Vacations (1-800-523-6116) to get the best prices!

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