Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baby Mama

This is a movie that caught my attention on a flight from Houston, Tx to Salt Lake City, Ut. It was playing on the flight and my headset did not work properly so I was not able to get much more than just enough to whet my appetite.

This weekend however, I finally found the time and energy to tackle the HUGE job of reclaiming my family room which had turned into the family dumping ground. There were boxes and toys and clothes, a set of mattresses laid out on the floor and one single pathway between the bottom of the stairs and my office which if the childrens computer was being used, I was required to walk on the mattresses to get to my office! But in less than 6 hours, with the help of my enlisted children, we got it done. We move the couch forward and opened up a place in the back of the family room for Lee's weight bench even. The couch is now close enough to the TV that you can actually see it and it is now a comfortable room in which for us to watch our movies and spend time. Eventually I want a flat screen TV to hang on the back wall and home theater seating along with a coxy fireplace in the corner, but for now what we have is much better than what we had.

So with my reclaimed family room, I went out and rented 3 movies. One of which was Baby Mama. We were able to sit down and watch it, but after a period of time, I realized that this was by no means a children's movie and I had to kick the children out of the room. But Lee and I really enjoyed it. It is a very cute story about a lady that can not get pregnant, is not married and desperatly wants a baby. She finally decides on serrogacy and before long the plot is moving. As most movies it gets very predictable, but I do have to admit, there was one part that I did not expect. That was very refreshing. It will make you laugh and I would highly reccommend it to any pregnant women or mother's.

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