Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shopping for Fixtures

Wow! What an exciting adventure, huh? Actually, it was quite eye opening! My wonderful angel children informed me the other day that the naughty little entity that lives in our house, the one that goes by "Not Me" or "Nobody" had broken the faucet in the bathtub. So, since I could not find "Not Me" to drag it along on this boring little excursion, I decided, much to their dismay, to take the innocent little children who had had nothing at all to do with the faucet being ripped nearly out of the tile wall.

Amid the groans and moans, fussing and whining, we made it to the local Home Depot to start our search for a new tub faucet. After 3 stops at the drinking fountain, one detour to the lawn and garden section to retrieve the 5 year old of the riding lawn mowers and a stop at the restrooms, we found ourselves in the bathroom section.

To my surprise, their was a HUGE array of faucet selections! So large in fact that the children got caught up in a game we play called "I Spy" where someone describes a detail or two and the rest have to guess which one they are talking about. This turned into alot of fun, even for me, and before long we had moved from the bathroom faucets to the kitchen faucets and ultimately ended with trying to agree on how to redecorate our kitchen. Sorry Little Man, we will not be installing cabinets with the Batman symbol engraved. But the Corian counter top you found will be coming home soon, I'm sure!

As for the tub faucet, we settled on a plain silver one with ceramic handles, much like the one we already had. But the day turned out to be much more fun that I had prepared myself for.

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