Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pants for My Man

Lee came home the other day, after a company meeting and announced that I was right. Once I got over my initial shock, I was able to request the full story. I guess he felt rather out of place in his torn up jeans and Wahoo! T-shirt, sitting in an office with the "big man on campus". I guess he was dressed in a button up and tie. Even though the rest of the guys around him were in jeans and t-shirts, he felt out of place and my having said to him "dress for the job you want, not the job you currently have" struck him as not just the regular steam I blow. He suddenly saw some wisdom in it.

So he made the request for a couple new pairs of pants and some nice shirts. Not a difficult request. I would just run out to Smith and Edwards and pick up a couple pairs of nice Wranglers. Simple enough, right? WRONG! First I decide to stop at IFA and see if they have the right style and what the price is. I end up picking up a pair of jeans for him and two pairs of Croc's for Ladybug (they were on clearance for a buck!) and dragging Baby out of the store kicking and screaming because she wants a bunny! Yes, a real live bunny rabbit with long ears and soft fur that I made the mistake of letting her pet. (I won't do that again!). Then we work on making our way to Smith and Edwards. Something that should have been a very easy task as I visit this store very, very often. However, my wonderful mind has issues with directions so I end up getting on the wrong road and can't find it. After a desperate phone call to DDad and the best directions he can give over the phone, Baby and I end up at our destination. I thank my father and in we go with just under 40 minutes to get pants and get home. We grab two pairs of pants for Lee at $19.99 a pair, and I decide that the identical pair that I just bought from IFA for $31.99 are going back.... tomorrow. I buy the pants and head out the door and head for home. We make it just in time for Baby to get ready and go to Dance.

A couple days later I returned the third pair to IFA and got my money back. But now I am still looking for a couple more pants and some nice shirts for him. He is pretty hard on clothing so I need something sturdy yet with that business look. I found some pretty nice tactical pant, the kind the police and military wear, but I worry that they might not be "business" enough. They are definitely sturdy, with reinforced knees and seat and plenty of pockets, 10 to be exact! I really think he would like them, but I just can't decide on the "business appeal" of them?

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