Sunday, November 2, 2008

Let's Move Up In The World, PLEASE!

I work for the sweetest, most wonderful people the world has ever been graced with. In that I mean that they would give you the shirt off their back and button it up for you. They thrive on service and ask nothing in return, ever. I love them to death. They own a little Kitchen shop in the downtown area and I can tell you that I would work there for free (if they would just hire men! Goodness I hate working with women! We have got to be the meanest, cattiest, most backstabbing gender. Wow!). However, one of the things that drive me crazy (other than the women), is the lack of technology. I guess that should help to foster the quaint feel of the store, but as an employee, it drives me crazy! We don't even have barcode scanners at the registers. We still enter the merchandise by hand. Some of the gals have gotten very, very quick at it. I on the other hand am still very slow (as they are also quick to point out). But give me a barcode scanner and I have been in retail long enough I could make their heads spin! Hee Hee Hee...

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