Thursday, August 6, 2009

Diet Drug Addictions

Drug addiction is an epidemic that challenges millions of people from every walk of life. No one is immune from it. And it's not just the addict that suffers, all the people around them, everyone that loves and cares about them suffers with them. And addiction to diet pills is no exception.

Our society places so much value on being skinny when in fact it is not healthy to be "model thin". Highly overweight or obese is not healthy either, so finding a nice balance, somewhere in the middle is an ever increasing challenge. And with that challenge come the new monster. Diet drugs are popping up everywhere! They are worse than Starbucks!

Not all diet pills are bad, however. Most can actually be very beneficial, if used properly. Diet drugs can give the dieter the edge they need to get going. They can kick start the metabolism to help proper diet and exercise do their job. And there are even some diet pills that can give you energy to get through your day and others that can help cure acne while your at it!

But I have seen too many people start popping these little pills with tragic results. It can seem too easy and when the time comes to actually change their diet or start the exercise routine, they falter. Falling back on the pills to lose the weight. It becomes a vicious cycle and they get hooked. Please, if you use diet pills, do it responsibly.

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