Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm Going to Be Independently Wealthy!!!

I'm Going to Be Independently Wealthy! Isn't that exciting news! Here's how I am going to do it....

First I am going to enter myself into the Miss Black America Contest.

Second I am going to sue for millions on the basis of discrimination! My case will be that I lost because I was white! After all, it is the Miss BLACK America pageant.

Of course I'll have to form my own version of the NAACP since those idiots would have no idea how to defend this. I'll have to find a group of people that actually have brains! We'll convince the jury, made up of poor white women, that my losing had nothing to do with the fact that I am a 30 yr. old mother of five with no hips or chest at all, but rather my losing was based solely on the color of my skin and I was discriminated against. Of course, people are so used to hearing the discrimination plea that everyone will buy right into it, since after all, discrimination is so prevalent still.

And when I get my millions out of these Miss Black America people, then I'm entering the Miss Mexican America!

P.S. We'd never get away with holding a Miss White America!

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