Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Distracted Mom

I am having one of those weeks. We are in the process of taking all of the children's toys, moving them to the play room, sorting them and boxing them. The children will then have to check them out, just like a library system.

I have not figured out yet just how to work it all. I would like them to have to earn them, but I think I would need 5 different POS systems, just to keep everything straight. And at $10,000 a shot, I doubt I'll have even one! I knew they had too many toys, but I never imagined they had this many! Good thing, some get to be thrown out and others are too young, even for Baby, so they get donated.

However, I am thinking that this is already working. I am seeing much less clutter in their rooms and the rest of the house. It's actually pretty nice!

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