Thursday, August 6, 2009

Losing my Mind....

Is it just me, or does everyone start losing their minds as they get older? I swear, as I get older, I can not remember what I am supposed to be doing, where I am supposed to be going and who I am supposed to be doing it with!

I have two boys that need to be at football practice, one at 4, one at 5. One girl has to be to cheerleading practice at 5:15 and the other has Dance at 4:45. One child gets picked up from her mother's at 2pm and her brother dropped off at 9pm to be babysat all night.

Add in our Country Fair Days Kid-K run at 6 and Movie in the park at dusk and I feel like I am running in circles. I am beat and tired and I can't remember who needs to be where, when. I'm going to need to get myself one of those PDAs everyone has, just to keep track of myself!

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