Sunday, January 20, 2008

Are You Superbowl Ready???

It's the Patriots and the Giants, facing off in what could be a monumental football game! The Patriots are undefeated and have beaten the Giants once before. The statistic's show that Eli Manning gets typically worse as the season wears on, but this year we saw a "matured" Manning take his team all the way to win the AFC Championships and move on to the Superbowl? But can he pull off another win against the Undefeated Patriots? It remains to be seen.

But now the even bigger challenge...
One Woman, many rowdy, hungry men and kids, a big screen TV and a comfy oversized couch. How are you going to handle the SUPERBOWL PARTY???

Here are some suggestions that might help.

1. Don't stress it. These are guys, they could care less if the knick knacks have been dusted or the floor vacuumed. They want cold drinks, lots of snacks and a good game.

2. Get into the game with them. This is a great opportunity for you to spend some time with your lover, on his turf, doing what he loves. After all, how many times has he gone shopping with you to pick out dresses? You kinda owe him! Read up on the two teams, do a quick get to know the players and who knows, you might find that you actually enjoy it, like I did.

3. Easy Snacks! You do not need to make fancy Hors d’oeuvre. This is a football game! Little smokies in BBQ sauce, chicken wings, chips and soda will suffice! I promise.

4. If you are not into spending time with a bunch of rowdy, noisy game watching football fans, then take some time for yourself. Prepare all the snacks, set them out in the kitchen and sneak off into your own quite part of the house and spend some time doing what you love. Read a good book, scrapbook or craft or watch your favorite movie. Let him have his day, you have yours!

5. When all is said and done, it's his party and he'll cry if he wants to. Win or lose, he needs to help you clean up. You clean up the kitchen, wash the dishes and let him clean up the spilled soda, the chip crumbs and replace the couch cushions that were thrown at the TV when the kicker missed a kick due to a bad snap. Whatever you work out, get him involved.

6. Enjoy the day! That's really what it is all about

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