Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Visit with Tia's son

I went with Tia to pick up her son and his girlfriend from the airport; her son was still using the luggage that she gave him when he moved out so long ago! A little ratty, the zipper starting to tear away...

Since she wants her boys to visit often, I suggested she check out Samsonite for some luggage that will hold up. There's enough variety for each of her kids to get what they need, even the one who likes hiking up in the wilderness areas. (Plus there's a really cute bag that she should get to replace that briefcase she keeps her "important papers" in.)

Anyway, we all went bowling at Spare Time where we had a lot of fun getting to know each other again and getting to know Brooke (the girlfriend). The kids were happy playing in the arcade as usual. I'm glad mine are still little, I don't have to look at their friends and try to decide if they're acceptable for a spouse to one of my kids!

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