Sunday, January 20, 2008

Decorating The House

I have spent some time playing on the RC Willey's website, with their design a room program that lets me place furniture in a room and move it around until I find the perfect combination. Well, I have spent a long time working on getting my girls room planned out. This is not easy as they have 2 closets and a door taking up one full wall and a window on the other. Then they need 3 beds to fit in the room. What we finally decided on is making side by side raised beds with room underneath for them to put their things and play. I want to close off one of the closets and make it into a deep closet for the boys from the other side of the wall, close off the boys closet and turn the girls closet into more of a walk in closet.

But as I was designing it, I really got into it and was having SO much fun. They even have accessories, like I added a floor rug and a cat to Hope's bed. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any cat furniture, or toys to add to the room to make it more realistic! But in the end, I had managed to position 3 beds and a triple dresser in their room with space to walk and play. I am way excited to get started on their remodel!

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